NHS Landing Page

The NHS is one of the most recognised services in the UK; marking their 70th anniversary in 2018, you would be hard pressed to find a UK citizen who hasn’t been touched by them at some point in their lives. It was therefore an honour to be given the opportunity to work with them on re-designing their website landing page, ready for release at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2018.

With a quick turnaround of just a handful of weeks, we worked quickly and collaboratively with the NHS to not only delivery a completely new website homepage, but to propose digital styleguide guidance to be rolled out to the entire NHS.uk site. Subsequently cementing Fjord and the NHS’s relationship and extending the project to deliver further brand exploration.

Role: Designer   |   Client: NHS


With a degree of free-reign when it came to branding, I was able to introduce new elements to the NHS's digital presence, including use of simple illustration and nods to physical wayfinding.