Positioned as a product ‘built around our customers’, we worked closely with E.ON to completely reimagine their mobile web experience for today’s user. Tailored to each user, we created a product that fulfills E.ONs brand promise of ‘making energy easy’.

Working as part of a small visual and UX team we visualised, prototyped and tested our designs rapidly; while sharing often with the client. This approach allowed us to build a strong rapport with the client and to reach a final outcome that not only was best for the user but that the client was ultimately proud of.

Role: Design, Motion   |   Client: E.ON

Style Guide

A style guide was created with the idea of reusing as many elements as possible. This also increased the speed in which prototypes were both designed and built.

Motion Principles

I lead the creation of high level animation principles which would be adopted not only by our team and as part of this project, but by E.ON on any future streams of work.